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Thinking Outside the Basket: 16 Sweet Flower Girl Alternatives

Thinking Outside the Basket: 16 Sweet Flower Girl Alternatives

There are several alternative ways to herald your arrival that don't involve flowers or pint-sized relatives for that matter.
Beyond Bridesmaids: How to Include More Friends And Family In Your Wedding Party

Beyond Bridesmaids: How to Include More Friends And Family In Your Wedding Party

Those girls who didn't make the cut as bridesmaids don't need to be relegated to guest book duty. See five thoughtful ways you can include loved ones in your wedding.
Unique Bridal Party Gifts

Unique Bridal Party Gifts

Show your girls how much you care with these awesome tokens of affection.
Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2012 Weddings

Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2012 Weddings

The prettiest new looks for your leading ladies.
Creative Ways of Asking “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

Creative Ways of Asking “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

16 different ways of extending the proposal to your go-to girls.

14 Bridesmaid Gifts Under $30

Little thank you presents are a fantastic way to show your girls that you appreciate all the time and hard work they put into your wedding. We found 14 gifts under $30 (some are even under $20!) that look like

Gifts for the Wedding Party

Q: I need to know what is customary to spend on gifts for your wedding party? – Erin

Wedding Do: Choosing Your Wedding Party

Even if you’re at the beginning stages of your planning, choosing your wedding party early on is a great idea. Why? Because these are the people who will be supporting you through the entire process! Not sure who to choose.

Wedding Party Dressed in Eco-clothing

The most fun part of wedding planning has got to be planning the different outfits.  Since one of our goals is to consume the minimum amount of new materials in our wedding, this put a twist on the plans. It

The Best of Friends

Q: We picked our wedding party last year when we got engaged. My bridesmaid and maid of honour are great, and I wouldn’t change them for the world. However, my husband-to-be is actually considering changing his best man. Is there

Aisle Style

Q: We have four groomsmen, four bridesmaids, a junior bridesmaid and a flower girl. This is bigger than originally anticipated. The groom has become close with another guy and wants to put him in the wedding party. I don’t have

Who’s the Master?

Q: My fiancé and I are very close to an engaged couple who are not in our wedding party. We want to ask them to share the job of master of ceremonies at our wedding. Is this acceptable, or should

It’s Personal

Q: What are some gift ideas to give to your wedding party as thanks? I really love the idea of personalized flasks for the groom’s side, but what about the ladies?

Odd Man Out

Q: My fiancé has asked his father to be his best man, which I agree with because he looks up to his father and they have a great relationship. However, he is much older than my maid of honour who

Bringing Home the Bacon

Q: When is fund-raising appropriate? I have a friend who wants to charge people to attend a Jack and Jill and make people bring their own food.

Well Suited

Q. My best man is a girl, and I’m not sure how to dress her for the big day. I’d rather her not wear a suit. Should she carry flowers like a bridesmaid? A. If you don’t want her wearing

Wedding Field

Q: My soon-to-be husband would like four or five groomsmen, and I only want three bridesmaids. Is it all right if our wedding party doesn’t match up perfectly? Should I suggest he limits his number of groomsmen?

The Waiting Game

Q: We have sent out 150 invitations with a reply date of April 28th. Now it’s May 5th and we’ve only received 30 replies. Our wedding is in less than 6 weeks, what should we do?

How Many Maids?

Q: What is a good ratio of bridesmaids to guests?

Who Gets an Invite?

Q: Just a quick question, regarding invitations. Do you send invitations to immediate family and the wedding party? – Laura

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