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Wedding Toasts: Tips For Keeping Them Classy

Wedding Toasts: Tips For Keeping Them Classy

Expert advice on how to avoid cringe-worthy speeches.
How To MC A Wedding

How To MC A Wedding

10 essential tips every master of ceremonies should review before the big day.
5 Things Every Wedding MC Should Already Know

5 Things Every Wedding MC Should Already Know

Keep your guests entertained with these valuable tips and tricks.

How To Write A Wedding Speech

One of my last tasks as maid of honour at my sister’s wedding was to toast the bride and groom. A naturally good speech writer, I was stumped. I didn’t know how to put 23 years of sisterhood — all

Tongue Twisted

Q: My parents are divorced and my father has remarried. I am concerned about the speech my parents have to give. I don’t think my mom will stand up with my dad and they both want to make a speech.

Freedom of Speech

Q. As parents of the groom we are hosting the rehearsal dinner. What is the appropriate order of speeches and toasts for this event? We plan on involving the wedding party, the bride’s parents, other close family members and maybe

Speaking in Turn

Q. My parents are divorced, and I have a stepmother. They are all going to be included on my wedding day, but I am concerned about their speeches. In weddings I’ve been to, the parents usually give a speech together


Q: Who usually does a toast at the reception? – Angie

Speak Up

hair ideas Though the bride is not traditionally one to give a speech at the wedding reception, this tradition has done an about face in recent years. It has basically become a given that you will take the floor at

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