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Jam Packed

I love hearing about sweet favours. No wait, let me re-phrase, I love receiving sweet favours, and right now I am coveting this Cherry with Organic Star Anise jam from lemonbird’s shop.

Mmm, donuts!

Wow. It’s almost the end of August and I feel like I haven’t fully experienced all that summer has had to offer, which brings me to my post today: Tiny Tom Donuts. I have to give credit to Jenn for

Reception Relay

Q: We’re getting married at 6 p.m. and our dinner starts at 7 p.m. at the Hall. We have already arranged it with the Hall and the caterer that the bridal party will arrive at the hall at about 7:45

Video of the Week: The Perfect Pair

Sommelier, Anne Martin shares what wine will pair with your wedding-day menu.

Beach BBQ

The classic DW reception dinner is an outdoor beach BBQ. It’s fun, casual and in the spirit of the location. Often said brides and grooms are seeking the most unique and “different” things to do for their wedding (and I’m

Cookie Craving

You know what would  be really cool to serve at your reception? A cookie buffet!

Chilly Choices

Q: What are some ideas for a cold dinner menu?

Midday Mingle

Q: How do I let people know food will be served at our wedding, but not during a sit-down meal? I hesitate to call it a cocktail reception because it will be mid-afternoon and we’re having a non-alcoholic event. Any

Bringing Home the Bacon

Q: When is fund-raising appropriate? I have a friend who wants to charge people to attend a Jack and Jill and make people bring their own food.

Take It or Leave It

Q. My son is not serving alcohol at his reception. Also, the menu is vegetarian with some vegan offerings. Does he have to let his guests know this beforehand?


Q. Should I include menu cards at the tables if my guests will be picking up their own meals? A. Why cause yourself extra work and extra stress if you don’t have to? Menus at individual place settings are definitely

Finger Foods

Q. I’m planning a Friday evening wedding followed by a cocktail reception. What is a good time to start the festivities? How do I let people know that food will be served at the reception but it will not be

Just Desserts

Q: My fiancé and I are looking at doing a dessert reception but are having trouble deciding what to do about feeding our parents and wedding party (about 20 people). Is it more efficient to order catering for the small


When it comes to planning your wedding, you may end up ordering more food than you can finish.

Cocktail Hours

Q: What would a timeline for a cocktail reception wedding look like? What time should one hold the ceremony if an actual meal will not be served?

Counting Heads

Q: My daughter has roughly 300 RSVPs for the reception. What should I tell the caterer the head count is? Do I assume some guests will not show up and consequently decrease the head count, or do I assume some


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