Tying up the Loose Ends so We can Tie the Knot!

The bow on the front of our menu booklets

I guess when you’re just a little over two months away from your wedding, that’s when everything really starts coming together. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had more appointments than I can count.

To give an update on my hair, I went for another trial and it was much better than the first. Completely different style and this hairdresser really knew how to handle my thick hair. It didn’t budge at all. I made sure to jump up and down to be sure! I’m really excited that that aspect was taken care of.

My room has now turned into a printing press! I’m printing maps, menus and ceremony programs, and the piles of paper are starting to overtake me. I keep saying I’m glad the guest list is on the smaller side, because it would have multiplied the cost and the amount of work. For our menus I decided to tie Tiffany-style bows around every single one. I’m glad to say I completed the task much faster than I thought, and it really cut down on what it would have cost if I hired someone to make them.

I was hoping I would have a photo of our centrepiece by now, but the stock has not arrived as of yet. We decided on renting centrepieces using silk flowers rather than real ones from a florist. This especially kept some costs lower, considering florists don’t offer rentals! Not that I know of anyway. If everything goes as planned it will be a very tall trumpet style vase, with a large pomander or roses and Gerber daisies.

The inside of our menu

I’m starting to think that we are late in sending out our invitations, some people have wedding on later dates than ours and they have already sent them out. When do you plan on sending your invitations out? From what I had read, I believed eight weeks was the right time, but I think most people send them out before that. I’m really looking forward to receiving them, but not looking forward to assembling and addressing them! Thankfully it shouldn’t be as long as the bow-tying!

I think the most exciting of all wedding-related issues that I have been taking care of lately, is that my dress finally arrived!! It’s been a year and a half since I ordered it at Kleinfeld’s in New York. I religiously watch Say Yes to The Dress (I watched it even before I was engaged). I always wanted to go there, just for fun, whether or not I found the “one.” I just got the call this week, and I made my fitting appointment. Can you believe they are already booked up until halfway through June? So I’ll be heading down there just under a month before the wedding to make sure it fits right. I can’t wait to try it on again! Are any of you waiting for dresses to arrive? Was the order time long?

So I guess I spoke about a lot of things, but so many things have been going on lately, I couldn’t just pick one! I feel like everything is a blur and before I know it, it will be August 7th!


  • Lancy

    Your invitations are so beautiful! The most classiest I have received so far. So excited for you!

  • Janie

    I’m really looking forward to celebrating with you and Joseph. I know you’ll be gorgeous.

  • darlene ovenstone

    Have you done more hair trials, have you finally decided. You have such beautiful hair, don’t hide it, leave it down!

  • ..judith..

    I’m so glad that you’ve found a hairdresser that worked out, I would LOVE to see the pictures! Your menus look great; Jessyca’s Un-Caesar Salad? I’m intrigued! Printing press? I can relate! We just had our social over the weekend and the basement living room, computer room and my bedroom look like a tornado has blown through, guess what I have to do this week? Haha..clean! Your dress, how exciting! Even more so that it’s from Kleinfeld’s. I’d love to go down there one day just to see it..have fun!!

  • Jessyca – Luxury Bride

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks! All the best for the 8th! Yes, it is a lot on the go, and now I’m starting to really get excited too. I just got my invites out at the beginning of the week. I couldn’t do it earlier because I had planned when I would receive them from my invitation vendor, and we couldn’t really push it up. I think I should have planned it a bit early, but hopefully it will still be enough time for everyone.

    I felt the same way about my dress!! I just wanted to know it was in! And now my fitting is just a couple of weeks away too! I can’t wait to try it on again :)

    Yes, it was definitely great that the second trial went smoothly, big weight off my shoulders. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for yours!! Jump up and down ;) It’s a good test! lol

    Emily – I know! It’s getting so exciting! That makes a lot of sense for December, I hadn’t thought about the holiday party aspect, but it would be a factor to take into consideration. Thank you for the compliments on the menu :) I don’t know where I got the idea of “Mmmmm” I think that was just the thought in my head when I was reading the items and thinking about the tasting we had. lol and I thought it would be nice to have something different on the inside since I wrote Menu on the front. Nice to hear you like it :)

    There will definitely be pics of the dress! I’m so glad that we’ll be able to see everyone’s wedding even though the blogs will be over. I feel like I know everyone know and I want to see how things turn out!

  • http://emily-jane.net Emily – Traditional Bride

    Oh this is all so exciting!! I LOVE your menu (and that it says “Mmmmmm” on it!!) I had read 8 weeks before the wedding somewhere too, but I think we are going to do a couple of weeks before that just because holiday parties and things like that will be happening around the time of our wedding too. So exciting about your dress – Kleinfeld’s!! That’s amazing!! Can’t wait to see pics :)

  • Jennifer

    Good post! My wedding is the day after yours, and I can tell you it’s the same thing for me, losts of DIY projects on the go, and meetings with vendors to finalize things. And I have excited butterflies in my tummy! I was planning to send my invites out at the beginning of June, however, when I started to get an influx of inquiries about when our invites were coming (I have a cousin getting married at the end of august who sent their invites out early) I decided to mail mine out as well. My dress came in a couple of wks ago, I never thought it would get here, lol, and my first fitting is in a couple of wks. So excited. It was good to hear that your second hair trial worked out. I have my first one this wk! Fingers crossed. Happy planning!


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