Pulling off the Circus Theme at our Wedding

{Photography Kim Lovell.}

It’s been great fun blogging and I really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read the blogs, post a comment or vote for me. In this final blog, I want to share the details that made our circus wedding come alive. I can definitely say that I’ve had my dream wedding in every way imaginable.

The Save the Dates–We gave a hint of what was to come by using a double trapeze shot of us on the “Save the Dates.”

The Invitations–The invitations were designed like a ticket, good for admission to our “Cirque D’Amour.”

{Photography Kim Lovell.}

The Venue–We booked the Centre of Gravity. A circus training space in Toronto where we met. One concern that I had about using the Centre of Gravity, is that the space wouldn’t transform into a suitable wedding venue. I was worried that it would look like we were eating dinner in a gym. We dressed up the room with Paper Lanterns, a vibrant colour theme and theatrical lighting. It turned out fabulous!

Photography Kim Lovell.

Ceremony–We got married on the stage in Centre of Gravity. A spotlight followed the Wedding Party and the Bride (me!) onto the stage.

The First Kiss–After we said our vows, we were lifted up for our “first kiss.” The groomsmen filed off the stage to hold the rope that would pull us up. Maleke went into a catcher’s lock on the trapeze and pulled me into the air to kiss. It felt magical.

The Champagne Girls–During the cocktail hour, two of my talented friends from Femmes Du Feu performed a Champagne Hoop Act. Holly and Sabrina were suspended from aerial hoops and they poured champagne for toasting to the guests below. They looked absolutely fantastic!

The First Dance–Maleke and I spent months working with a choreographer on our First Dance. Although we are trained acrobats, we are not trained dancers, so it was fun challenge. We kept the dance a secret leading up to the wedding and it was a surprise for everyone!

Photography Kim Lovell.

Performances–During the dinner we had some more surprises for the guests.  My bridesmaid Sarah performed aerial silks. The best man Peter performed a straps act. A friend of ours Kalen, put on an amazing fire show.  The performances added so much to the night and I feel so grateful to everyone who contributed their talents.

The Centrepieces–My Mom is creative and can DIY like no other. We named our tables The Breakdancers, The Silks Artists, The Trapeze Artists, The Acrobats, The Coaches, The Hoop Artists and The Hand Balancers. She found turquoise stands, picture vases, turquoise material, LED lights and whipped it all together to make stunning centerpieces.

Photography Kim Lovell.

The Place Cards/Favours–I decided that masks would be the perfect favour for this event. It plays on the theatrical side of things and makes a unique favour. We bought tons of masks around Halloween and my Mom spent hours decorating them and making each one unique. The masks also doubled as place cards.

I wanted to really be able to share the wedding with you, so I made a little video with all the circus elements of the wedding and highlights of the First Dance.  I’ve posted the video on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMWa2UMwXxo


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  • tiffany

    I loved the video, so nice to see it all come together! Great job, I’ll vote for you guys for sure!

  • Twister

    Whoa! That video was so cute!!!

  • Jessyca

    Congratulations!! It’s all so beautiful! I’m so glad you got your dream day! I wish you all the best!

  • Carrie

    What a unique and beautiful wedding! I wish Ger and I had some special talent that we could show at our wedding :) I wish you and Maleke a wonderful marriage!

  • Vanessa

    The whole wedding looks amazing

  • chris

    Congrats you guys!!!!!

    the pics look great!!!

  • Heather -alternative

    Thanks Jennifer!

    Emily & Judith thanks for the congrats! It’s been so nice blogging in this contest with you! I wish you guys all the best with your weddings and can’t wait to hear about them!

    My Mom did a great job on the the masks! They were partially decorated when we bought them, but she added the embellishments. My Mom is great at DIY, she also made the bouquets!

  • http://emily-jane.net Emily – Traditional Bride

    LOVE everything about your wedding down to the last detail! Everything was so unique and just gorgeous. I’ll be watching the video later tonight :) Congrats again!!

  • ..judith..

    What an amazing day Heather! The first kiss..how romantic! I’ve never heard of a first kiss done that way – I’m sure it WAS magical. Your mom decorated those masks? They are gorgeous..how talented! I can’t wait to watch the video.

    It was such a pleasure to read your blogs and I wish you the best of luck. Congratulations again on such a beautiful and unique wedding.

    All the best :),

  • Jennifer

    Amazing and Incredible! Congratulations.


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