Picture Perfect?

Q: My parents have been divorced for quite some time now, and I want to avoid any awkwardness during family photos. Any suggestions?

A: Weddings that involve blended families can be a tricky problem to tackle. Even if your parents don’t get along, it doesn’t mean your wedding day needs to be in shambles. When looking to avoid sticky photo situations, Jann Blackstone-Ford and Sharyl Jupe’s book Ex-Etiquette suggests three things to try:

  1. Put one parent on each side of you (with their new spouse, if they remarried) and remind them that it’s just a picture and they are doing it for you.
  2. Suggest that the photographer mixes things up a bit and grabs a chair for one of them so that there isn’t a lot of crowding.

The above option may seem a bit drastic but could result in a fabulously Victorian-style shotthe geniuses at Stillmotion Photo + Cinema (stillmotion.ca) won’t disappoint if you’re looking to incorporate funky props into your W-day photos.

  1. Consider the not-so-traditional family shot and place other family members like siblings or grandchildren in between your parents.

If your parents and their new spouses are so at odds that they can’t bear to be in the same room, simply forego the whole idea and take separate pictures with each parent.



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