*pronounced mah-BOO-hi and is an expression used to exclaim “long live”.

It’s hard to believe that six months ago I introduced myself and Mark to the Weddingbells online community and now I’m saying my farewell. In that time, you’ve learned quite a bit about our Filipino heritage from the ceremonial traditions to the superstitious beliefs. You’ve followed me through the gong show that was the hunt for my dress, hopefully received some makeup inspiration and learned about the difficulty of coming up with a cake design.

When I entered this contest, my head was still floating high in the clouds from the proposal. You know what I mean: the perma-smile plastered on your face, you walk as if you were part of a ballet and you find every excuse to talk about the proposal. I couldn’t help but jump at every opportunity to tell my proposal story and this contest was just another chance to relive the proposal. I was completely gobsmacked when I was contacted by the Weddingbells staff and the rest is history.

This has been such an amazing experience; one that I will cherish forever. Almost every bride has given me the same advice, “Enjoy your wedding planning and take it all in. It’s over far too soon.” Well this experience has not only given me a place to document my wedding planning, but to help me really appreciate so many little things in life that we often take for granted. In preparing my dedication post for Mark, I spent quite a few days looking back at how our relationship had begun and how it evolved. A few posts later, I was dumfounded that 20 years ago, Mark and I were in the same church dressed in similar outfits as we’ll be wearing on our wedding day – it was fate!

As this journey has been shared with Mark, he’s written a few sentences of thanks:

Hello everyone, this is Mark. I just wanted to say a brief thank you to everyone. To all of Judith’s faithful readers, we appreciate you all following along for the last six months. Judith and I are nothing but thankful for all the support you have given us. Whatever the outcome of this contest may be, this has been a great experience for us both.Thank you all again!

To the staff at Weddingbells: Thank you for such an amazing opportunity. You’ve given me such a great wedding gift; one that I can proudly say is one of only seven across Canada, the chance to document such a crazy journey. May the next 25 years be filled with great success, ever growing popularity and prosperity. Thank you.

To the readers: Thank you for sharing this journey with me! It has been so much fun interacting with you. I will truly miss it.

To the six bloggers: CONGRATULATIONS ladies! Your posts were so entertaining to read and I’ve learned so much from them. I wish you all the best for whatever the future holds and may your marriages be filled with an abundance of laughter and the “butterflies in your stomach” kind of love.

To my friends and family: I LOVE YOU ALL! The amount of encouragement either in the comments or in person have truly humbled me. I could not have done it without your encouragement and support. Maraming, maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.

To my daughter and Mark: I cannot thank you enough for loving me like you both do. I am looking forward to such a bright future and I’m so excited that it is with you both, that I get to share it with. Love you Bey and Booger :).

“I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.”  ~Author Unknown


  • Steve

    Thanks so much for voting for that SM contest Judith! Our votes were going your way by the way, for what it’s worth. Very excited for your wedding :)

  • ..judith..

    To all my supporters: THANK YOU! We’re a day a way from the end of this crazy experience and I cannot begin to thank you enough. I could not have asked for a better group of supporters who took time out of their day to vote daily and to cheer me on. Your daily words of encouragement, love and support have truly humbled me – I am SO blessed, thank you!

    Bey: Only 88 days until I am your wife..hehe! Love You! <3

    I can't believe the end is so near… until we meet again :).

    "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when,
    But I know we'll meet again, some sunny day." ~ Engelbert Humperdinck

  • ..judith..

    To all my faithful supporters – THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am yet again humbled by your generosity and concern. We are so blessed to have such an amazing group of friends and family – you guys rock!

    Please keep voting daily. Regardless of the outcome, Mark and I still come out a winner: we know that we have such a big support team – go team Ju’rk (Judith and Mark smooshed..hehe)!

    xoxo Judith xoxo

    ps. Steve – loved your SM entry and voted for ya :).

  • Steve

    No problem! I believe Kevin was trying to get in touch with you guys. See you soon.

  • ..judith..

    Thank you Steve! Hopefully we’ll be meeting with you soon – I hope I hope! :)

  • Steve

    We enjoyed reading your posts Judith :) Good luck with the votes!

  • ..judith..

    Oh Rosie! No worries. It was a marvelous turn out and Mark and I are so blessed to have had THAT many people support us. We had a blast :).

    You will definitely find that “happy spot” one day and I’ll be there to share it with you.

    Thank you for your constant support – love ya lil cousin ;).

  • Rose-Anne M

    Hello Again Ate Judith!

    First off, I want to apologize again for missing your fabulous social (I guess that’s karma for me for not getting my license yet. Haha). Honestly from the pictures you’ve posted, I’ve never seen such a big turn out for a social so I know it was a success! You deserve it because of al the hardwork you and Mark put forth for such an eventful night!

    Second, thank you again for being so inspirational to me with your blogs posted and throughout the years also. You’ve always been there to listen and to correspond with me through my ever-long facebook notes. Haha!

    I enjoyed reading about your marriage prep and hope I can one day be in that “happy spot”. =) Last but not least, enjoy the rest of planning for your wedding and goodluck with the blog! I’m supporting you all the way. Keep doing what you do. Love ya!


  • ..judith..

    Thank you Lai! It’s such a bittersweet moment but it just means I’m THAT much closer to being married :). Thanks for all your support hun!

  • Lailanie

    Great last post! You’ve worked hard all these months and it shows. Sad to see this end but at least now you can focus on the good stuff … time!

  • ..judith..

    Emily: I’ve loved reading your posts too! I’ll continue reading your personal blog because I’d love to see how everything turned out (which is going to be FAB!). Best of luck my dear!

    Lauren: Thank you! You will definitely read the rest of my planning and I’m so glad that we’re friends. I hope one day I’ll be able to plan a trip to visit you, Jer and Claire.

    Jennifer: Thank you! I think I’ll be keeping it up on my personal blog, however with how chaotic my life is the posts may be few and far between. I’ll be marrying an amazing man with all the people I love to witness it so regardless of the details, it’ll turn out wonderfully!

    Kuya: You made me cry! You’ve been my idol since I could remember; always wanted to do what you did, wear what you wore and imitate everything you are. If I’m a great person it’s because I have you as a role model. We may not have been very wealthy growing up but in memories and love we sure are the wealthiest family. I AM VERY PROUD of you because you are one heck of a man. You sacrificed so much so that I and our youngest brother could have a future and for that, I’ll forever be grateful. Thank you for your very touching words and wish you and my future sister-in-law as bright a future as mine and Mark’s (and booger’s). Love you!

    Rodney Martell: Every single bride in this competition has worked hard these past six months so you’re right, let’s keep it positive.

    Rodillo: Thank you! I’m so thankful to be able to have had this chance to document my planning because you’re right, it’ll be our wedding day in a blink of an eye. Thank you for all your support from so many kilometres away – I truly appreciate it. Love you!

    Heather: Thank you so much! I’ve also enjoyed reading your blogs; I truly love seeing all the personality that goes into every wedding day. Thank you for your tips and some of the lessons you learned as your wedding day unfolded, I will definitely put those tips to use. Congratulations on your wedding and I hope that you and Maleke have a long and happy marriage. Good luck!

    Thank you everyone for your encouragement and support! <3

  • Heather

    All the best with your wedding Judith! It’s been fun reading your blogs. I hope the rest of the planning goes smooth!

  • Rodillo

    Congrats Judith!
    What a great way to document your wedding planning. You’ll be able look back at the memories! In a blink of an eye it will be your wedding day. Almost there :)

  • rodney martell

    Right down to the bitter end…too bad that person made a fool of themselves this time ha! Nice try though. Yes I’m still around and I’m still going to say what everyone is trying to avoid. Tash…you’re ignorance is very amusing. How you go around talking nonsense thinking you’re smart only to be proven that you’re really not. But of course freedom of speech is everyone’s right, so feel free to say what you want…but please next time think first before you do. I don’t have patience for ignorant people. So when I see these stupid comments I just have to speak up. What are you so scared of that you have to resort to this nonsense? Are you scared that your friend isn’t going to win this contest? Whatever happens in the end, i’m sure that everyone agrees this contest was a great experience. Why do you have to ruin it? You should be ashamed of yourself. Really, if you don’t have something positive to say, why not just keep it to yourself instead of being the one jerk who has to go and ruin it all? Honestly, just grow up!

  • Kuya

    Well, all I can say is that I am very happy for you and Mark. I am also very very proud of your accomplishments from back back in the day, till now. To anyone reading this, I am her older brother, Jaycee by the way.

    Judith is my younger sister, but really, I look up to her as if she was an older sister. I’ve been following her posts since day one. And just decided to leave my mark now.

    Truly, this last post exemplifies how she is. A person who puts others first before herself and very thankful. Our parents always taught us to share and be thankful for what we have and cherrish that we actually “have” rather than “have not”.

    I love you lil’ buddy and best of luck. Whether you do win or not…you’re still someone I look up to! And well, you deserve it all. No one else (other than my fiance, hehe) deserves it….CHEERS to you and Mark.

    Mark, if you’re reading this….take care of my lil/ big sister bro! CHEERS!

  • Jennifer

    I loved reading your blog. Sure going to miss it! It was always fun and delightful to read. Congratulations and Good Luck. I hope your day turns out exactly as you want!

  • Lauren


    As always, I loved reading your post. Your decision to do a Thank-you post simply reflects what a gracious, kind person you are. I’m very proud to call you my friend.

    Enjoy the rest of your planning! I know just how fast time is skipping by!

  • Emily – Traditional Bride

    Awww, Judith – great post. I love that we both went out sharing how grateful we are to have been part of this – I’ve loved reading about your wedding plans and learning more about your culture (and you’ve definitely given me some makeup inspiration!)! To all the commenters let’s just keep everything positive, this is a fun experience and I appreciate the support but everyone in this competition has put lots of time into sharing their stories and all the other finalists deserve the same support, encouragement and kindness. :) Congrats to you and Mark!!

  • Caren

    Dearest Tash: It looks as though Judith made highlights to her previous posts in “Traditionally Untraditional” (if you want to get right down to it, 5 posts ago).

    There are 7 ladies in this contest, they might have similarities in their posts but I’m sure none of them are out to copy each other. All these 7 contestants blogged at their best! We should focus on that and not nitpick on the minor things as who posted what first.

  • ..judith..

    Tracy: Thanks so much! You’re awesome!

    Nette: I’m VERY proud to have you as my BFF, for many, many years and I love you. You’ve been such a HUGE part of my life and I can’t imagine it without you. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and always being there for me and your God daughter. I’m truly blessed – love ya!

    Caren: I’m so happy to be calling you sister-in-law. I am very blessed to have an amazing extended family who love me like their own. I’ve always wanted a sister but I never imagined Her to be as amazing as you’ve been to me. Thanks sister!

    Tash: Thank you for taking the time to read my post and comment. My culture is what makes me who I am and sharing that with the online community is just an extension of my pride to be Filipino. If you are proud of your culture, then I’ve done my job in making it relatable. Great minds think a like and I am a fan of Emily’s writing; both here and in her personal work. If my opener is similar to hers, than I take that as a compliment to be compared to such a great writer. Thank you.

  • Tracy

    Thank you Judith! Congrats on finishing your last blog for WB!

  • Tash

    No I meant the other contestants one before this week’s.

  • Nette

    I can’t believe its your last post!!! The time we spent following your blog definitely flew by!!

    Hun, your VERY WELCOME! Your a very classy lady and your last post shows it…your extremely grateful to everyone who’s ever showed you kindness (there should be more people like you in the world ☺)….the way you’ve exited this blog, I couldn’t be more proud to call you by BFF!!!

  • Caren

    To the previous poster. I believe these ladies have to provide their blogs to Weddingbells a week and a half in advance before it is posted on the website. So these ladies have no idea what the other contestants are blogging until Weddingbells posts them up.

    I hope that clears things up for you. Judith, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP GIRL!

    Have yourself a great day.

  • Tash

    Your opener looks a bit like the other contestant’s last post where she highlighted all her past entries as well. Not very original. Still its been interesting to read about another culture even if not the most relatable, still provided interesting reading! Good luck with your wedding to you and your family.

  • Caren

    It’s sad to see that the blog is coming to an end :( It was great reading your wedding journey and can’t wait for the big day!!


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