Latest Obsession: Cookie Mix


Yesterday, I was talking to Kelly from Lemon Tree Patisserie about an upcoming shoot. It’s quite exciting! But, you’ll have to wait until July to get the scope of it. Anywho, aside from delicious cakes and macarons, she’s got a knack for creating these really cute cookie mixes. It’s almost too pretty to open. But I’m sure it tastes just as good at it looks. These would make wonderful gifts at a bridal shower, or if you’re a huge baker, it would make as a great giveaway to your guests.


  • Rachel

    I have seen Kelly’s work and she is brilliant. A true creative genius. I can also attest that her baking is incredible. I wouldn’t hesitate to try anything she makes!

    If you are having trouble with the link you can try:

  • Jessyca

    OOOO I really like that idea!

    Is it just my computer ? … When I click on the lemon tree link it doesn’t work :(

  • Emily

    What an amazing idea! SO convenient! (Now can I register for one? :))


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