How to Pick the Wedding Theme of Your Dreams

Having an overall theme for your wedding can help all the other small details take shape, but it’s a big decision—one that’s not always easy to make. Are you struggling with the notion of a dream scheme? Read on for some inspiring ideas that will put you on the path to party planning success!

1. Choose a favourite place.

A location that’s dear to your heart is a wonderful starting point. Did he propose on the beach in Mexico? Why not throw a fabulous fiesta complete with a tequila bar, tasty Mexican feast and colourful, kitschy decor? (See above for an example!) Have you always wanted to visit Morocco? Consider throwing a party dedicated to your dream destination. Transform an outdoor space with tents draped in luxurious fabric and adorned with ornate lanterns.

2. Pick a book you love.

Have you read Gone with the Wind more times than you can count? Get inspired by this iconic novel and host a wedding reception with an emphasis on Southern elegance. Wear a voluminous ballgown (it doesn’t have to be made of curtains!), and give your bridesmaids delicate parasols to carry. Are you obsessed with The Great Gatsby? An ornate Art Deco theme can inspire everything from your invitations to your cake to your bridal party’s ensembles.

3. Choose your favourite era.

Plan a party with retro flair—your guests will love playing dressup and feeling as though they’ve been transported to a bygone era. Do you adore the 1950s? Consider renting a jukebox and hosting a good old-fashioned sock hop! Do you love the 1960s? Let Mad Men inspire your big day. Serve some classy cocktails, wear an adorable minidress and ride off into the sunset on a scooter!



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