Final Details

Wow! The last post! I feel like I’ve barely shared all of my ideas with you and now I have but 500 very valuable words left to fill you in on the rest of the details. Here’s how we’ve put our own personal twist (keeping in mind the 3R’s-reduce, reuse, recycle) on some wedding essentials:

1. Website–First, of all, thanks for all of your suggestions! We decided to go with for our wedding website. It IS really easy to use! Check it out:

2. Party Favours–Like we’ve mentioned before, instead of party favours, we’re putting that money into sponsoring a child through Compassion Canada. Since I spent a summer volunteering in Tanzania, we’ve decided to sponsor a little girl from there. On each plate, we’re placing a teabag (Tanzanian rooibos), wrapped in a small envelope with our sponsored child’s picture and a blurb about Compassion Canada.

3. Guestbook–Instead of the traditional guestbook, we’re making a picture wall of black and white photos of us with every guest at the wedding that will be clipped to strings hung from the ceiling. This will serve as the backdrop in front of which our guests will write a message on a whiteboard and take a picture of themselves using our Mac’s “Photobooth” application and remote.

4. Centrepieces–We, along with our friends and family, have been collecting glass jars for the past year to use as vases for our wedding. We plan to dress them up with a bit of ribbon or twine and fill them with local flowers, potted pansies these beautiful dried grasses that we found in the river valley. We’re also arranging stacks of our favorite books and framed photos on the tables. There’s a fireplace at our venue and we’re going to decorate the mantel with frames, candles, and souvenirs from our travels. My goal is to make the venue look like our home and make our friends and family feel like they’re just coming over for a big dinner party.

5. Head table–Again, to go along with the theme of making the venue feel homey, the head table is going to be in the middle of the room in front of the fire place and it’s going to look like a big dinner table. We’re combining four long tables together to make a big wide table and we’re going to be seated all around it. The rest of the guests will be seated in a U shape around the head table.

6. “Seating cards” –Ger’s mom and grandma have collected a bunch of smooth stones in various shades of cream and grey and we’re going to use these as the seating cards! We’re going to write the guests’ names on them with permanent marker and stamp on a little design (to be decided still).

7. “Table runner” –I wanted to add a splash of color/design to our white tablecloths, so I’m going to get rolls of either wrapping paper or wallpaper and roll them down the middle of our long tables.  And once the wedding is over, I can use the paper to make “Thank you” cards!

8. Collecting photos–Instead of asking our friends to burn us CDs of the pictures they took at the wedding, we’re collecting a bunch of camera USBs so that at the end of the night, our guests can directly upload their pictures from their camera to our laptop.

Although I never thought that I would be a blogger of anything, I have to say that it has been a great experience. I will forever treasure these little stories to which I can come back and read when Ger and I are 60 and reminiscing on our younger days.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my little writings and offering your thoughts and ideas.  I wish you the best of luck, love, and happiness in your upcoming wedding, and more importantly, marriage!




  • Heather -alternative

    You’ve got a lot of fantastic ideas in there. I really like the Guestbook idea and having friends upload photos.
    I hope your day goes great! All the best!

  • Judith

    Carrie you’re so sweet – thanks! All the best to you my dear :).

  • Emily – Traditional Bride

    Awww, thanks Carrie! I hope we get SNOW… I hope it’s that “new snow” kind of feel where it’s not freezing but the snow is all fresh and sparkly and soft. Best of luck again! :)

  • Carrie

    A special thanks for Judith and Emily-your two have been so supportive of all the other bloggers! Thanks for reading everyone’s blog and offering encouraging words of support every post! I hope you both get perfect Winnipeg weather for your weddings. :)

  • Carrie

    Hey Beth!

    I’m totally technologically inept as well, but if you have a Mac, there’s a photobooth application (comes standard). It just takes pictures from the computer camera. My MacBook came with a remote (but even if yours doesn’t have one, you can buy a generic one and sync it to your computer) so you can take your picture with the remote. I hope that makes sense…Let me know if it doesn’t, I can try to explain better.

  • Beth

    Could you tell me more about the photobooth you have planned. I’d really like to have a diy photobooth other wise it’s very $$$ to rent a photobooth but I’m not very tech savvy!

  • ..judith..

    Sorry, you said “like home” not “homey”.. hehe.. silly me, you get the point. I still love it :). It’ll make for amazing photos. Love the thought of a fire place at your reception.

    Just had to add that :). GOOD LUCK!

  • ..judith..

    Your ideas are so wonderfully unique and still very eco-friendly. The idea that your reception will be very “homey” as you put it is going to make for one very intimate reception, how beautiful!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your wedding planning journey and I wish the best of luck to you and Ger!

  • Emily – Traditional Bride

    Awww, Carrie, I love all your ideas. We’re doing the donations instead of favours as well and I’m always keen to hear how other people are showing their guests that. My work actually sponsors a child through Compassion Canada – it’s a wonderful organisation!

    Your wedding and reception are going to be wonderfully creative, thoughtful, and unique – can’t wait to hear all about it. Best of luck, I’ve really enjoyed your posts! :)

  • Jennifer

    Good Luck and Congratulations again. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.


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