Entertaining the Kids

Q: I am interested in any ideas for children’s activities for the wedding day. We have children ranging from age 4-12. Any ideas?

A: Keeping the kids occupied during your big day can definitely be a task. To keep them busy why not set aside a room for kids only with video games, coloring books, crafts, games, movies etc. anything you know your kids will love. Having fun foods such as pizza, mini burgers, or dogs in a blanket, and some goodies is a great way to keep the kids happily occupied and let you enjoy your special day.


  • Mrs B.

    Hire a sitter to keep the kids entertained and let their parents have a good time. Have a separate room for them to go to play or nap. Better still don’t have anyone under 18 at the wedding, then you and the other guest don’t have to worry about the kids.

  • Jen

    You could have a kids corner set up with lots of activities for them to do. You could go to the dollar store or canadian tire and pick up a cheap bowling set and minigolf set and set them up. Crayons, colouring books, little hand held games, hula hoops. You could also have games for the kids at the begginging of the dancing or inbetween speeches. Freeze dance, hula hoop competition, dancing the locomotion, every child loves that dance. There are many kid dances with motions that you could do with then maybe inbetween meals. Bubbles, all kids love bubbles, give them bubbles and ask them to use them during your first dance or when you enter in to the hall. Have a list of items that are hidden in the hall that they need to find. Treasure hunts are always fun. I would suggest though hiring someone to watch them so the parents do not have to. Babysitters at $10-15 an hour, if your friends have kids or a Nanny that they trust that is always a good option. Have fun and Congrats.

  • Meagan Chetwynd

    We are having an outdoor, ocean themed wedding so a friend of my parents is going to dress up as a pirate while we are getting photos taken and he is going to tell a story for the kids and lead them around and eventually find a treasure chest with all kinds of crayons, activity books, and such things to keep them entertained.

  • Maria

    I have the prefect solution to entertaining children at weddings and events…hire Little Party-Goers. It’s a unique child care service that offers fun and reliable supervision at events including weddings, birthdays, christenings, bar mitzvahs, play dates and corporate functions. Our goal is to provide child care while entertaining the little guests with an array of engaging, creative and personalized activities and crafts. Now, parents, hosts and children can relax and enjoy their event stress-free! Check out our blog at http://www.littlepartyggoers.blogspot.com. Also, please contact us for further information at info@littlepartygoers.com or at http://www.littlepartygoers.com.

  • Amy

    There are a few people that I have heard of who offer a children’s program for special events such as weddings. A friend of mine started a business called “Little Party Goers” and her services include an appropriate number of staff ratio, they help with the kids meal, TONS of arts and crafts, games etc., and the kids each go home with a loot bag, all of which is included in her fee. It’s great because the parents can enjoy the adult reception and the kids enjoy having their own little party.

  • Krysta

    Another idea is to put the kids at their own table. Instead of a table cloth, cover the kid’s table in a giant piece of paper. Put crayons at each place setting and once the plates are taken away they can color during the speeches!! If you REALLY want to make sure they color when it’s “boring” and not before their food is served, you could cover the paper with a table cloth, and reveal the clean paper pallet right before speeches(or just after the meal is finished).

    Kids 8 and up can also be put to work! If you have invited children you are close to (such as a school teacher or church children, etc…) They may be honored to be able to help with your wedding! Perhaps this is just handing out the wedding favors or dessert, maybe it could be bringing the presents to the bridal couple to open! This will keep them engaged, knowing they have a special role to play

  • Lindsay

    At my wedding, we hired a magician and a cartoonist to draw pictures of the children and guests. It was a definite hit with everyone!

  • Tania

    When I was a teen I worked for a Nanny Service; I was hired by the Bride and Groom to entertain the kids at the wedding; it was a house wedding. So, the kids and I went downstairs…there was a special table set just for them…….(you could give them a little wrapped gift)…I took the kids down to the beach to explore……the photographer without my knowledge took pictures of the kids – the parents loved them – the bride and groom added them to their wedding abulm……I was told to find things to do with them ahead of time…..I brought games, colouring…..when the cake was to be cut….I brought the kids upstairs……they even had their own person from the catering company serve them……hotdogs, kids food……..they loved it….they were apart of the wedding….yet out of the way of the adults to enjoy their time…..gave the parents a break……..it was a good time by all……..could do the same if using a hall…..just set up a separate room just for them with balloons…..etc……they were very much apart of the wedding……..not put away in an empty room……..they felt so special having a teen to play with……give them special attention………get a small gift………sparkling apple juice for the toasts………tons you can do…….

  • Kim

    My aunt had a “kids” table at her wedding reception. Each child was given their own bag (placed at their seat at the kids table), which included everything you could think of to keep them occupied for the reception. There were games, colouring books and crayons, stickers, party favours, candy, etc). They also served “kid” food like pizza, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, etc. Although the venue was very large, I didn’t even know the kids were there.


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