Decor Dilemma

Q: Our reception is being held at a simple community centre instead of a fancy reception hall. We are looking for cheap ways to dress it up, so it will look different and a bit classier for our wedding day. One of the main issues is the wood panelling on the walls, from about waist height to the ground. Also, the bar is a cheap wood veneer, and we’d like some ideas for covering it or dressing it up. Do you have any suggestions?

A: There are a couple of cool ways to play with reception decor. The first is lighting: try playing with the lights in the hall itself. See if they’re on a dimmer. Dim lighting can be moody and disguise that wood panelling you’re trying to hide. If the lights aren’t on a dimmer, consider having candles both at the tables and at the bar. You can experiment with candles of different colours, sizes, styles, etc. The candlelight at the tables will also draw attention away from the walls. The second way to jazz up your reception decor is with linens. Linens can be used for covering tables and bars. This could be the ticket to covering up that cheap wooden bar you’re concerned about. Linens come in a variety of colours and patterns and, when placed on tables with centrepieces, really draw the eye to the centre of the room. Check out our article Dream Scheme for more decor advice when planning your reception.

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  • Randi

    we are also having our reception at a community hall, a friend had suggested to me that we use white fabric to drape along the walls


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