Pink Elephants, Oh My!

Many of the other bloggers have expressed the importance of finding a photographer that will not only fit your budget and style, but will also deliver stunning photographs that you can enjoy for many years to come.  Pink Elephant Photography and Design not only delivers the style we were looking for, they are also friends of the family. Casey and Jojo (yes, just like one of my favourite R&B groups) are a husband and wife team whose unique style caught our eye. Not only do they take great photographs, their artistic use of photo-manipulation was what sold us on these two.

I knew right from the day we were engaged where I wanted to take our engagement photos: at my work! Okay, as lame as that sounds, the building I work in is a state of the art, eco-friendly building that’s won many design and ‘green’ awards all over the world. Mark thought I was crazy but after seeing the building, he agreed. Manitoba Hydro Place is Manitoba Hydro’s brand new building in downtown Winnipeg. This building uses the latest technologies in sustainable energy which makes it not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing in a minimalistic/simplistic style which is very much “us.”

Our first meeting with Casey and Jojo had us questioning the need to have an engagement session as we both were trying our best to keep costs down. Here is what they had to say:

Judith & Mark: Why are engagement photo sessions necessary? Is it just a way for photographers to make more money or is there a practical use for them other than having photos for ‘stationery’ use (i.e. Guest book, Save-the-dates etc.)?

Pink Elephant: Engagement sessions (E-sessions) are a great way to get to know the photographer and help the couple become comfortable in front of a camera. Couples are far less nervous about having their pictures taken after their e-session. For us it’s definitely not a money grab by any means; e-sessions are included in all of our wedding collections because of how important it is to create that bond with our clients.

It’s also nice just to have that memory of being engaged as most couples seem to let that time go.  E-sessions are a great way to forget about the planning and just enjoy each other while documenting the love between the couple that they can cherish for years to come.

J&M: Can the couple come up with their own concept? Or is that decided by the photographer?

PE: Concepts and locations should ultimately be the couples’ decision, however photographers have a great deal of experience and would be more than happy to help you make your decision. It’s always great to discuss this with your photographer ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page.

J&M: What is the best location for an engagement shoot?

PE: Try to play up your personalities. Outdoor shots in natural light are timeless. Natural light is great because there is no need for extra lighting along with the overhead that comes with that (extra equipment, set up, light adjustments etc.). Sometimes the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate so be prepared to have a back-up plan or reschedule. For indoor locations, select a location with many points of interest: bright colours, great architecture and big windows. A great photographer can make any location work and if you’re unsure, talk to your photographer for ideas. They are a wealth of knowledge.

J&M: Any other tips?

PE: Speak up if you have a vision or idea before or during a shoot.  Your photos are going to be memories that will last long after everything else has faded so work with them to ensure that the photos are exactly what you wanted. Lastly, have fun!

Casey and Jojo are talented photographers who are so easy to work with. We felt so comfortable with them that almost the whole entire shoot, Mark and I were giggling and joking around with each other. We are so pleased with the photographs that we are excited to see what our wedding photos will look like. Thank you very much Pink Elephant!

We are entering the final stretch of this wonderful contest and there’s one more post left. Is there anything about me and Mark that you were wondering about before we say our good-byes?

For more of our engagement shoot, please check out Pink Elephant’s Blog.


  • ..judith..

    Nette: HBD Beautiful! LOL!! I’m the eternal worry wart, you know that :p. YES!! Can’t wait for the wedding photos..which you’ll be in of course! Yay!!!

    Sandee: Thanks dear!

    Carrie: Thanks!! We had such a fun time, like we weren’t even taking photos. Goofing off with each other, with the photographers and playing with their daughter (who by the way is the cutie sitting on my lap).

    Casey: I love YOU!! I would hope that it’s your favourite. Yup, you get to read one more and the blog posts are done – for weddingbells anyways. YESSSS!! Our social – the gong show – is fast approaching..5 more days! Can’t wait to party with you guys. Oh, ya, she’s been bugging me for years to give her a beautiful niece or nephew.. soon Caren, soon!

  • casey

    Love you!!!!! This is definitely my favorite post of all hahahahaha… seriously I’m sad that they are almost over:( I enjoy reading about it all!
    Can’t wait till your social, so close!!! You guys are great and I cant wait for you to give Caren some babygirls to babysit hehe…

  • Carrie

    Lookin’ fabulous! You two look like you had a good time at the shoot!

  • Sandee

    Great photos Judith!!!

  • Nette

    What a gorgeous couple!!!!
    The both of you truly compliment each other! It really came together that day and to think you were worried about your outfit! You look so pretty!

    I can’t wait to see your wedding day pictures! Now, it can’t come fast enough! **high five to PINK ELEPHANT**

    Another wonderful post Ju!

    Love ya!

  • ..judith..

    Thank you John!

  • john

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  • ..judith..

    Emily: Thank you! Yes, they are amazing to work with. Doesn’t she look smoking as a brunette? I told her that too. Oh you’re quite welcome for the info. I can totally sympathize with the back pain because unfortunately, it makes an appearance more often than I care for these days. If you need a yoga buddy, I’ve been dying to go back!

    K: So sweet of you to say that. We are naturally playful and we really wanted our photos to capture our true essence. Thanks for the compliment on my hair! My mom was supposed to do it for me but got called away last minute so I had to do it myself – so happy it turned out. I did learn, however, that I NEED to invest in a better curling iron if I’m to attempt that again in the future…hehe.

  • K

    Lovely photos. It’s really nice to see how clearly you adore each other. Your hair is wonderful as well!

  • Emily – Traditional Bride

    Great great pics!! I love that you used the Hydro building… I still have to phone and inquire about using it for our wedding pics :) Pink Elephant are SO wonderful to work with! Casey went brunette?? Looks good!

    I too am trying to decide what to write for the last post! Should’ve saved the egg experiment ’til last and gone out with a bang, haha :)

    Thanks so much for the info on hot yoga! We should totally go sometime!

  • ..judith..

    Thanks Tracy!

  • Tracy

    Awesome blog as usual! Great pictures!

  • ..judith..

    Belinda: We had such a fun time with the photographers and with each other – as well as their daughter, she was such a cutie!

    Jennifer: Mark and I are so traditionally nontraditional that even Mark’s proposal was nontraditional followed by the “bended knee”..hehe.

    Joanne: Yes! I loved Emily’s post about her photographers! I enjoy photography so much that I enjoy reading each photographer’s view. They each have very useful and great ideas and I just wanted to share my photographers’ view and tips :).

    Thanks for the very kind comment! I love looking at these pictures..hehe.

    Caren: I DO TOO!! How ever many Mark and I are blessed with :).

  • Caren


    I do have a question: How many nieces and nephews are you going to give your sister in law? Cuz I believe she’s aching to babysit! ;)

  • Joanne

    Nice photos. I enjoyed reading Emily’s photographer interview a few months ago as well. Fun that you got to do your photos at your work!

  • Jennifer

    I love your pics, they just exude fun and romance. Great pics! And I love how you picked such a non traditional place to take your pictures too!

  • Belinda

    Judith – Your photos are beautiful. You can really see your personalities coming through!


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