Share Your Best Beauty Advice And You Could Win!

What has been your biggest beauty challenge leading up to your wedding? More importantly, how did you solve it? We’re looking for essential beauty advice from other brides — from choosing the right nail colour to finding a skincare regime that works.

Post your tips in the comment field below and you’ll instantly be entered for a chance to win one of three joinFITE Dermalogica prize packs.

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The Weddingbells editorial team will review all submissions and select three winners. The winners will be chosen Tuesday, September 27th at noon. If you’ve won we will contact you via email and announce your name on this post.

We can’t wait to read your tips!


  • Jen

    I have always dealt with skin issues and have always tried different skin routines, creams, potions, whatever would possible work! After so long of trying many things out I finally realized that drinking enough water throughout the day is one of the best things for my skin! I have always had dry, flaky skin and lots of water really makes a difference! As I approach my wedding day, I need to remember to relax, get the right amount of sleep and drink lots of water :) Wedding planning and the approach of the big day can be very stressful so for other fellow brides I highly recommend the sufficient water plan, for healthy looking skin and a hydrated body!

  • Tiffany

    I get those irritating little upper arm bumps, AmLactin 12% does the trick in no time. Way cheaper than any alternatives I have found : )

  • Kim

    I have minor roseacea and mild acne trouble, so was worried how it would look for the wedding day. I got a prescription for metrocream to treat the roseacea, and cut out dairy, desserts and fried foods in the month leading up to the wedding and ended up looking great!

  • Vanora

    A healthy well-balance meal, exercise, lots of water and rest especially right before a major event like a wedding. I always wash my face and apply a moisturizer before going to bed and I have no problem with keepign my skin oil and acne-free. :-)

  • Colleen C

    My challenge was a little off the wall and so is my solution, but if it works… By the time my grandmother was my age, she was wearing a wig full time. I was headed in the same direction. My hair was falling out at a rapid rate and nothing would stop it. I went to a dermatologist, got all the appropriate tests and nothing seemed to be wrong from a medical standpoint. And then I found out that you could wash your hair with a simple solution of warm water and baking soda, and rinse it with a solution of warm water and apple cider vinegar. It seemed a bit odd, but I had everything on hand, so I gave it a shot.
    As soon as I switched, my hair stopped falling out and over time, has filled back in a little. It took some time, but I have beautiful hair again. It isn’t as thick as the average person’s, but I have a full head of hair. Last year, my hair looked gorgeous for my wedding. I was thrilled to look so pretty…and to not have to wear a wig.
    By the way, you don’t end up walking around smelling like a french fry from the vinegar, the smell dissapates rapidly.
    Good luck, if you need to try this.

  • Cynthia Dolgan

    Days before the wedding I started to break up with acne from the stress. The night before the wedding I was staying with friend’s of my husband who gave me some oregano oil to apply to my face. By morning my skin looked fantastic.

  • Cynthia Dolgan

    A couple of days before my wedding I started to break out from the stress. The night before the wedding I was staying with friends of my husband’s who gave me some oregano oil to apply on my face. By the morning my skin looked fantastic.

  • Alana LeSueur

    The most important beauty tip is to first and foremost, wash your hands for 20 seconds(yes, 20 seconds)prior to applying makeup. We tend to somewhere, somehow, blend our makeup with the finger(s)during the course of ‘getting your face on’ and they carry alot of bacteria! Also, never ever go to bed/sleep without removing all of your makeup.

  • Heather Swanson

    keeping hydrated drinking plenty of water & taking cat naps!

  • lisa boldu

    In my case… its getting lots of sleep and using mosturizing crweam before i got to bed to help reduce the bags under my eyes

  • Daina

    I agree with the previous comment to have a plan three months before. I used a daily spf to keep my skin from damage from the sun and got a consult on what type of skincare I should be using for my skin. I spent the extra money on a good skin care regime and it made a big difference. I also went for a monthly facial and had my last one the week before the wedding. My makeup was soft and matched my skintone so nothing glaring on my skin. I also purchased a body brush and would use to help exfoliate the skin on my back and front due to wearing a strapless dress-I didn’t want to have too many bumps showing, and I also did a partial body polish a few days before to ensure that my skin looked clear. Of course, I didn’t have a lot of money and made the best of what I could afford to do.

  • Aimee

    Don’t over do it! I started into a self created beauty plan about 3 months before the wedding with daily exfoliation using a clarisonic brush and face wash and cream and silver fiber face cloths and this and that… by 6 weeks before the big day I was a mess and fully red/broken out! I went to a skin care professional who set me up with some simple Dermalogica products and told me to stop bugging my skin so much and within 2 weeks it had calmed down and was more vibrant and happy then ever before! Use this product, it really honestly works and is worth every penny! I have flawless wedding photos as proof :)


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