Kate Spade Shipping to Canada!

Fabulous with a strapless dress, non?

Oh happy day!!!! We just got the news straight from Twitter that Kate Spade, at long last, is shipping to Canada. We are currently having a party at our desks we are so stoked about this. All the pretty, girly, Kate Spade goodness can now be all yours, delivered straight to your door. So these cute Kate Spade flats I blogged about Monday are now available to snag online (off to buy my pair right now!).

A cute summer wedding carryall from Kate Spade.


  • michelle

    My friend and I each ordered a purse during a recent sale on the Kate Spade website, and shared shipping. We were well aware that shipping companies have the ability to charge a brokerage fee, but were absolutely stunned with the $130 fee UPS required at the time of delivery – on top of the $50 shipping charge we paid to Kate Spade online. Kate Spade needs to do a better job of communicating this fee to their on-line customers. I am no longer a fan of the brand after this experience, and their absolute rejection of our suggestion that operating this way is irresponsible.

  • Lily

    Just a note to Canadian shoppers who want to shop on-line: I recently ordered a bag from katespade.com, and payed for the $49 shipping fee to Canada. What I did not know is that UPS is the broker and they charge another $54 for brokerage fee, in addition to GST. I don’t mind paying for the tax but the brokerage fee is CRAZY considering the bag is only $300 something. I was so happy that katespade now ships to Canada, but hey like-minded people, do take the shipping and brokerage into consideration!


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