November 29th, 2011

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Is Doing Your Own Hair And Makeup For Your Wedding A Good Idea?

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Are you creating your own beauty look for your wedding day or leaving that to the professionals? The task of doing your hair and makeup for your wedding can be a bigger responsibility to take on than you think. Then again, doing things yourself allows you to have ultimate control over the final results. We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers on whether or not DIY hair and makeup is a good idea. Here’s what they had to say.

“I got my hair and makeup done. I work as a makeup artist in Toronto however I knew that doing it myself was going to be way too stressful on my wedding day!”
- Orly Waldman via Facebook

“I did my own make up because I wanted to look like me and not too made up but had my hair done.”
- Ambassador Golf Club Weddings via Facebook

“As a wedding photographer I would urge you to have professional hair and makeup done.”
- Julie A. Whitlock via Facebook

“I did my own hair and makeup. I didn’t want to have my makeup done for the photos and look overly made up and not like myself front of my husband, saying our vows. Our wedding was simple so there was not a lot of emphasis put on superficial things like hair and makeup.”
- Christina Hiebert via Facebook

“I’m not doing them myself, but I’m lucky that my Maid of Honour is a hairdresser and really good at makeup too, so she’s doing it.”
- Heather Colleen Elliott via Facebook

“Did my own makeup (with the help of my Maid of Honour, bridesmaids, and a friend) but had my hair professionally done.”
- Stacy Jardine via Facebook

“Hair is easy to do if left down with beautiful hair comb.”
- @courtesanstudio via Twitter

“I didn’t do my hair but my makeup I did myself.”
- Melissa Ann Dorey via Facebook

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