November 14th, 2011

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A Perfect Proposal in Three Easy Steps

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We’ve seen some crazy and creative wedding proposals in our time, but whether your fiancé asks via Jumbotron or over a candlelight dinner, chances are his proposal will adhere to some of these age-old traditions.

1) Ask the Parents. By asking permission your fiancé acknowledges how important you are to your parents and expresses his desire to become part of the family. Today, this is a courtesy and a sign of respect, but once upon a time it had a very different meaning. Hundreds of years ago when daughters were exchanged like property (yikes!), this meeting between the parents and the suitor provided an opportunity to discuss the subject of dowry, and what the suitor had to offer.

2) Pick a Ring. Your fiancé may choose the element of surprise—in which case, feel free to drop lots of hints!—or he might openly ask for your input. Another great option? The placeholder ring. We’ve heard of everything from candy rings to twist ties and pieces of string! The placeholder ring will enable your mister to pop the question first, and find your perfect ring (with your help!) later.

3) Get Down on Bended Knee. Have you ever wondered where this tradition comes from? Interestingly enough, this act is derived from the process of being knighted by the Queen! Modern-day Sir Lancelots should kneel on their left knee and present the ring with their right hand. Kneeling also conveys a sense of vulnerability and giving oneself to the ultimate commitment. So now you know!

Tell us, how did your mister ask for your hand in marriage? We’d love to hear your personal proposal stories!

45 Insanely Adorable Cake Toppers

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Have some fun when it comes to your cake and top if off with something personal and quirky. We’ve gathered 45 unique cake toppers for every budget and aesthetic. Choose a custom-made topper that looks just like you or pick an animal that fits into your theme. Have a few laughs and pick a comical topper or stick with glamorous elegance and choose something with bling. Whatever you decide, your topper is a great keepsake you’ll have to top anniversary cakes for years to come.

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