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5 Chic Bridesmaid Trends for 2012

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A happy bridal party is a chicly attired bridal party. You want your girls to look fabulous and feel fantastic too. Now, what to choose?! What’s on trend you ask? We asked Danielle Gulic from Toronto’s Two Birds (if you are not familiar with this brand, get to know them—Two Birds makes ah-mazing bridesmaid dresses, like the one pictured. Gorge, right?!) what’s hot for bridesmaids and she gave us the skinny.

Dress Style: Think feminine and modest—ladies want to look like ladies! Tea-length hemlines and dainty details are big.

Colour: Jewel tones and highly saturated colours are huge. Shades like aubergine, dark purple and blues are very hot. Mixing up your colours is also very trending right now—I love the look of having your girls in variations of the same shade.

Theme: Let your bridesmaids express their personality by having them each wear a dress style that’s unique to them. Having everyone in the same dress looks very uniform—mix it up and have fun!

Accessories: Have fun with accessories by having different pieces on each of your girls, but unify the look by having the jewellery made from the same materials.

Shoes: Go for neutrals or matte metallic. And I love wedges! They are comfortable, chic and a comfy choice to wear all day and all night!

Another tip Danielle had for you when it comes to your girls: if you can buy or contribute towards the cost of their dress, please do. “This gesture means a lot is a guarantee you’ll make them feel like a queen.”

Advice From Other Brides On Having A Cash Bar

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Alcohol can be a huge expense at a wedding and an unnecessary expense if the bride and groom do not drink themselves. Cash bars are a great, but controversial alternative for many brides and grooms. We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers their opinions on having a cash bar. Here’s what they had to say:

“Limited cash bar. Set a cap then switch to a cash bar after that limit has been met. Or have beer and wine and let folks pay for mixed drinks if they choose.”
- Derric Smith via Facebook

“The only way to go is with an open bar! It’s the polite way.”
- Carollyn Yvonne via Facebook

“No way. Another option that I did at my wedding is drink tickets plus 3 bottles of wine per table. Not everyone used their tickets so other people did and everyone had a good time.”
- Alyssa Ashley via Facebook

“We did an open bar but had the option to limit types of beer/drinks. It’s kind of a middle ground. But certainly have a cash bar if cash is limited.”
- @samobeid via Twitter

“Where I am from, you would be stupid to have an open bar. People would go and be lush and it would make a mess of your reception. I think that it really depends on where you are from and the people that you are inviting.”
- Alana Chaput via Facebook

“I think it depends on your bar. We had an open bar, but provided our own liquor. If you are at a hotel that charges you $6 a drink you may not want to pay for the open bar. Its a tough one. I’ve seen people take cash out of presentation envelopes to pay for the drinks.”
- Amanda Kueneman via Facebook

“Do it if you can’t afford to not to.”
- @andreasavdoulos via Twitter

“Just adds another price tag to the wedding. We did a cash bar and people didn’t mind at all. Everyone still enjoyed the wedding.”
- Mary Thompson via Facebook

“Heck No! Open bar all the way! It’s bad enough guests have to buy an outfit and a gift, you could at least let them have a good time and drink their faces off.”
- Melissa Martin via Facebook

“Please, please don’t!”
- @envelopments via Twitter

“Don’t. I don’t want my guests to feel that they’re going to a lounge/club/bar during the reception.”
- Natalie Therese Bisnar via Facebook

“No, it’s called BYOB [Bring your own]. It’s cheaper on the bride and groom and people can bring what they like.”
- Erin Brooke via Facebook

“Don’t. Cash bars are gross. But if you must have one please let your guests know so they can bring cash.”
- Cara Ducasse via Facebook

“Yes do do do.”
- Marie-Josee Gagnon via Facebook

“Don’t. At Punjabi weddings, it’s considered a huge don’t to have a cash bar – always open bar.”
- Naveen A. Grewal via Facebook

“Yup. My partner has been sober for over a year; There is no way we’d be paying for other people’s booze.”
- Jess Grover via Facebook

“Ew! Never!!!”
- FranZingone via Twitter

“We did a cash bar which worked well for us and our family and friends. But we did have a red and white wine at each table, and gave everyone of age a drink ticket that was personalized with a bow.”
- Jessica Bishop via Facebook

“Definite do! I’m from the Maritimes where open bars are unheard of. Thank goodness – I could never afford it. That being said I am providing wine for the tables.”
- Angela Wolf via Facebook

“As a planner I say no, very tacky.”
- Courtney B Kern via Facebook

“I think it would depend on your own family and friends. My friends drink a lot but my family doesn’t. I think the idea of three drink tickets and wine on the table is a good idea, then cash after that. But have non-boozy options too, for those who don’t drink. Or mock-tails.”
- Melissa Giroux via Facebook

“Toonie Bar.”
- Asia Lee Hoffart via Facebook

“Don’t. Would you have your friends & family pay for drinks at your own home? Your wedding is an extension of that. No way, so tacky!”
- Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Weddings via Facebook

“Absolutely do not!”
- madelinemg via Twitter

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5 Guest Book Alternatives

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The classic guest book album is a wedding tradition that should never be crossed off the list. It’s a fun idea and something that guests always seem to look forward to–AND it’s a great keepsake for you and your mister. But, if you’re seeking an idea with a modern touch, here are 5 wedding guest book alternatives worth checking out:

An Urban Chic Wedding in Toronto, Ontario

real weddings

Kendra Court and Stephen McKenzie, August 19, 2011, Toronto, Ontario.

Photography courtesy Jenn Huynh of Bloom Photography, (bloomphotography.ca).

Reception location: The Burroughes Building
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Hair: Chanel from Fringe
Makeup: Janine Holmes and Teena Black
Planner: Gatherings Event Planning
Sound equipment and lighting: Tony at Pro-Staging
Cake: I Do Wedding Cakes
Caterer: David Buck at BRC
Flowers: Rosie Little at Quince Flowers
Favours: Coffee grown by the groom’s uncle in Jamaica


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