September 30th, 2011

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What’s Your Groom Wearing?

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We talk a lot about the dress, but has your guy put much thought towards what he’s wearing? We thought you might want to check in about what’s hot for groom’s fashion this season. In a word: suits. Thanks to Mad Men and the Duke of Cambridge (who’s style is the cover subject of our brother magazine MEN’S FASHION, available now), the suit has never looked hotter. Don’t get us wrong, we love a groom in a tuxedo, but with many celebrations being a little less formal and more relaxed these days, a tux can at times look a bit much.

We asked the experts at Tip Top Tailors for their take on what’s cool for guys when it comes to dressing up. Alvisio Viola, Tip Top brand manager shares these thoughts with us.


While black continues as a mainstay, charcoal and navy blue are especially hot. “Look for a deep navy,” Violo advises. “Wear it with a dark brown shoe.” If you want something a little lighter, think rich tan and oatmeal shades.


Checks, both bold and mini and gingham patterns are poised to take the spotlight from solid coloured shirts. Patterns will add character and a dash of personal style to his look. If your groom is more traditional, steer him towards monochromatic shades like pale grey or bolder jewel tones if he wants to make a statement.


Narrow is the must-have shape with ties in classic solids or funky patterns. This season in particular, Viola reports we’re seeing some of the best patterns in years including geometric designs and plaids (ranging from Tattersall to full-blown tartans) satin stripes and modified rep ties.

Wedding Day Dos and Don’ts From Fellow Brides


Photo courtesy iStockphoto

Other people’s weddings can be a great source of inspiration. They can also provide valuable lessons on what not to do on your big day. After another wedding-filled summer we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to share the lessons (good and bad) that they’ve learned from attending other people’s celebrations. Here’s what they had to say:

“We scrapped the idea of a receiving line – the last wedding we went to, it took over an hour for everyone to go through.”
- @gravimusprime via Twitter

“DO personalize your wedding to who you and your partner are. I have been to a few weddings where couples chose the venue’s “standard” package which came with the “standard” food choices and “standard” centrepieces and “standard” decor. The wedding is about you! Make it ALL about you!!”
- Laurie de Fleuriot via Facebook

“DON’T have bad food. People remember bad food!”
Erin Newlove Nicholas via Facebook

“DO have a great DJ! Everyone remembers bad music (like bad food!). DO be considerate to your guests and make them comfortable. DON’T rush through the day, enjoy it! It goes by fast!”
- Veronica Spencer via Facebook

“I know the bride is often the one to plan the wedding, but DO remember your fiance has family there too. Respect their traditions and make sure it’s just about his family as it is yours, no better way to piss of the groom’s family than to pretend they aren’t there!”
- Candice Joy via Facebook


“DO have a day-of onsite coordinator. There’s nothing worse than having the wedding party decorating the venue for hours the night before and then having to take it all down in their dresses and suits after the party ends!”
- Kelsey Scott via Facebook

“DON’T sit through the entire ceremony if you have a young child that is bring fussy and taking attention away from the couple…excuse yourself quietly, but quickly.”
- Nicole Richards via Facebook

“DO what you want. We didn’t want a dinner and dance reception so we opted for a two-hour thank-you reception with appetizers, cocktails and cake. Then we went home and gorged on sushi. I’ve yet to go to a wedding like mine but have been to a billion that are all pretty much the same. I like that we did exactly what we wanted and didn’t conform to the standard wedding.”
- Christina Hiebert via Facebook

“DO keep the speeches to a minimum. No one cares to know what the bride and groom did as babies.”
Sholla Lampkin via Facebook

“DO have an open bar! We are definitly having an open bar! I wanted to scrap the cake but I found an amazing cake and changed my mind.”
- @lilsars via Twitter

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The Cake Boss Shares His #1 Wedding Cake Tip

planning » planning » Wedding Cakes

Star of TLC’s wildly popular The Cake Boss Buddy ‘The Boss’ Valastro is in town this week headlining Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show on from September 30 to October 2 at the Toronto’s International Centre. It is the first consumer show of its kind in North America dedicated to those of us who crave all things sweet and delicious. Discover wedding cakes, cupcakes, sweet treats and check in to see what the pros have to say about the sweet universe. We’ll be chatting with Buddy this weekend, but we had a pre-show chat this week with him where we asked him to dish his thoughts on wedding cakes. His best advice? Keep it personal, not trendy. Choose colours and designs that have some personal meaning in order to create a unique cake for your special day. Check in next week to read our full interview with Buddy.

5 Ways to Bring that Southern Charm To Your Wedding


Anybody catch CW’s latest series–Hart Of Dixie? You should! It’s quite the show (I’m told Gilmore Girl fans will love it) and chockfull of sweet southern inspiration (sans those southern belle dresses). Thinking about incorporating this charming theme into your occasion? Here’s 5 ideas to consider:

A DIY Garden Party Wedding in Bloomingdale, Ontario

real weddings

Heidi Headon and Bryce Fleming, July  2, 2010, Bloomingdale, Ontario.

Photography courtesy Jamie Delaine Photography, (


Ceremony location: Koinonia Christian Fellowship
Reception location: Backyard of a family friend
Bridal gown: Made by the bride and her aunt, belt by Tessa Kim
Hair and makeup: Everyone did their own
Bridal party’s shoes: Toms
Bridal party’s attire: Bridesmaid’s dresses and groomsmen’s ties made by the bride’s aunt, Donna Tune
Cake: Cinnamon buns made by a friend of the bride
Music: Friends of the bride and groom, Joel Sutton, Adam Brodrecht, Bryan Vos, and Brandon Kuepfer
Caterer: Some homemade and some food provided by At the Crossroads Family Restaurant
Flowers: Flowers Direct, arranged by the bride
Stationery: Joseph Hofer, the groom’s brother-in-law


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