July 28th, 2011

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Beach Wedding Ideas


Planning a destination wedding in a tropical locale? We’ve gathered together some of our favourite beachy ideas that will complement the stunning backdrop of sun, sand and surf at your venue. Let the sea inspire your decor with faux starfish chair ornaments and an aisle made from locally-sourced wood. Opt for a bouquet of tropical blooms and a choose a simple cake accented with a unique cake topper brought from home. As far as a gown goes you’ll want something flowing and comfortable that can take the heat. Click the links below to for more info on these inspiring beach wedding elements.

Clockwise from top left:

Dress, courtesy Claire Pettibone.

Starfish chair decoration, photography courtesy Huellas Del Caribe.

Beach venue, photography courtesy Del Sol Photography.

Place cards, photography courtesy Ellen Ho.

Cake, courtesy Flour Fancies, Inc, photography courtesy Carlo Mendoza.

Bouquet, photography courtesy Ellen Ho.

5 Wedding Cookie Favours You Can Make Yourself

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You may not be able to DIY your own wedding cake, but what’s to stop you from baking your own favours? You can create them in advance (time to call your bridal party in for support) and they’ll still look and taste delicious on your big day. Don’t have an old family recipe in the vault? No problem. We went straight to some of our favourite foodie bloggers and found five worth testing out (we even discovered a decadent vegan recipe, bet you can’t guess which one).

Inside Ben Roethlisberger’s $500,000 Wedding Reception


They call him Big Ben and the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback lived up to his name by splashing out an estimated half million dollars for his wedding reception. Ben Roethlisberger and his bride Ashley Harlan were married last weekend in Pittsburgh with 600 of their nearest and dearest present.

How Much for That Reception Venue?!

Accordingly to reports, Ben dished out $113,265 just to rent the Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom—no catering, cocktails or coat check included! There was 150 staff catering the reception where guests noshed on beef tenderloin and halibut. Add the flowers, security and transportation and estimates have the cost of Roethlisberger’s reception coming in at anywhere form $200 to $600 a guest (we’re going with the higher number) which means the reception could have cost $473,000!

Don’t Forget the Dress

Capping off the cost for the couple’s elaborate celebration was the bride’s strapless Monique Lhullier gown, which would also have come with a pretty price tag. With Roethlisberger set to pocket a cool $12.5 million this season with the Steelers, we thing it’s safe to say he could definitely afford this elaborate bash.

How To Turn Your Wedding Gift Cards Into Cash

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Okay, don’t get us wrong, we love a good gift card but after spending thousands of dollars on a wedding and completely depleting our bank accounts, nothing really compares to cold hard cash (after all, who wants to scrimp on her honeymoon?)

Now, you’re going to want to keep this next piece of information hush-hush (lest you offend your wedding guests): We’ve actually found a way to cash in unwanted gift cards for up to 90 percent of the card value! It’s called CardSwap, the Canadian site that allows you to buy, sell and donate unwanted gift cards online. All you need to do is enter the merchant name, card value and your email address into this page and you’ll instantly be given an offer on your card. If you’re interested in selling at that point, simply mail the card to CardSwap (using their prepaid shipping label) and within 48 hours of receiving it, the company will validate the card and send you a cheque.

You can also use the site to donate your gift cards to to charity or to buy other people’s unwanted cards at up to 40 percent off the face value. It might be the best possible way to regift!


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